Our Memorial Videos are produced professionally and quickly from old photos, slides or digital files.

Each presentation can be branded with your company name and logo on the end of the video as well as on the video packaging material.  We also can provide photo restoration services.

We offer on-site presentations if you need the video presented in a venue that doesn't have video capability.  We will project the Memorial Video up on the big screen.  For large events, we can show it simultaneously on multiple screens.

Contact us today to schedule a time where we can come to you to discuss your media needs.


DVD Custom DVD's

All memorial videos are delivered on custom DVD's but can also be set up for view-ability on the internet. The special memories can be shared on social networks like Facebook or on family websites.


Family Personal Biography

For the family that wants more than a memorial video we offer a biography package.  We put together a video biography of a person's life, interviewing family and friends on camera to tell the story.  It is similar to a biography you would see of a famous person on television but it is about your loved one.